Deger Pipes



  • I am looking for second hand deger pipes for a christmas present. Does anybody know of anyone who might be selling some or if not are any of the alternatives any where near as good? many thanks
  • There was a set for sale on>

    Deger Pipes for Sale, Immaculate condition and light use, have been altered by the maker so the drone can also be made a note higher to enable playing in additional minor keys. £240 contact

  • many thanks Onny. Ill have a look.
  • I got my deger pipes a year ago at The Glasgow College of piping. They were the cheapest at the time around Glasgow. I got them for playing in a wee band with fiddles and accordion and they are absolutely magic. They are always in tune, as Mr cassels says, and you can change key really easily. The rest of the band think theyre great, but the accordion player lent me his volume pedal and Im not sure if that was a hint. I play mine through a wee guitar practice amp and if you play around with the settings you can get them sounding reasonably good. It sounds interesting played through my korg guitar effects box. Delay, chorus, flanger and a combination of them all. Sounds a bit mental with distortion, though Im not sure the world is ready for that! Does anyone have any idea whether you should use a stereo volume pedal or a mono one. Im using a borrowed mono on into a mono amp, but the Deger instructions said to use a stereo lead to connect to an amp. I havent tried it with a mono lead into the o/p jack in the pipes to see if you get any o/p at all. Maybe thats the only reason.
  • I have a Deger pipe and really love it, but for some reason I can't any longer get the upper range - the 'overblow', as it were. I've carefully cleaned the sensors, and even reset the pipe to Factory Setting, to no avail. Has anyone any solution. suggestions. I do use hand cream, so it's not dry skin causing the problem.
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