Celtic-Cajun fusion music

Ive been listening to some tunes by Blair Douglas that feature a heavy Cajun influence. Can anyone recommend anything similar but a bit wilder, louder and less well-behaved?


  • Ive been listening to some tunes by Blair Douglas that feature a heavy Cajun influence. Can anyone recommend anything similar but a bit wilder, louder and less well-behaved?
  • One of my colleagues listens to a lot of Cajun music...and the blame for my New Orleans hangover can be laid directly in front of his door, I could probably get recommendations from him regarding Cajun bands, but as to the fusion? I dont really know how many, besides Blair Douglas, have actually done it and/or recorded it...or if they have, done it as well. _The Celtic Cajun_ is a fun piece, isnt it? Good music to listen to in the AM whilst adjusting the blood ratio in my caffeine stream.

    Do you want me to check with my friend and get back to you?

  • Deirdre, I would appreciate that. Thank you.
  • For Cajun music, a good place to start would be the recordings of the late Eddie Le Jeunne and D.L.Menard. There are countless others who do the Swamp Stomp thang !! Fabulous music.
  • FrankC, thanks a lot. Ill check them out.
  • Greetings: You might like Michael Doucet and his group (not sure if theyre in existence) Beausoleil. Theyre not fusion, but Ive often thought I heard other influences in his music. Amazon.com has his/their music.

    Blessings, Cathryn

  • Just to get back to you, littlecelt, Ive been given the following names:

    Bo Dollis and the Wild Magnolias The Hawketts Kid Ory and his Creole Jazzband Stop, Inc. Buckwheat Zydeco Terrance Simien and the Mallet Playboys Beausoleil Ils Sont Partis Band Mitch Cormier and the Cant Hardly Playboys

    I cant vouch for any of them, although Ive been told (reminded) that I saw several of them last spring ...as may be, all the bands I saw in New Orleans were good. (Getting on for Mardi Gras, too...a very timely request on your part.)

    Hope this helps.

  • Deirdre and Cathryn, thank you so much for your help here. I can see myself spending large amounts of cash on new CDs...
  • Realised one of my ambitions by playing rub-board with Mitch Cormier and the Cant Hardly Playboys at The Cajun Cabin on Bourbon Street, Nawlins.

    Steve Riley and The Mamou Playboys and of course Balfa Toujours with their wonderful young fiddler and vocalist Courtney Grainger, are also worth checking out. Try their LIve at Whiskey River Landing Cd on Rounder. Both these bands played outstanding sets at recent Celtic Connections. Wouldnt it have been great to hear Blair Douglas playing with Balfa Toujours at Celtic Connections. maybe another year.

    Other favourites are Savoy-Doucet Cajum Band and Ken Smith, another great fiddler, who toured here with DL Menard and Eddie Le Jeunne. His version of Creole Stomp was amazing!

    Enjoy discovering the music of the bayou.

  • MMMFLLL, my grateful thanks to you.

    Arent people nice...

  • littlecelt, I know just what you mean!

    A good way to get a lot of the CDs you want is by going to amazon.com, keeping a long wish list, and watching for the prices to come down on used copies. I have made out like a bandit with this technique for years.

    Another thought: I know that the Chieftains have done a number of world music/compilation albums that contain tracks of what might be described as fusion. I dont know that theyve done anything with Celtic-Cajun, but maybe so.

    Blessings, Cathryn

  • Cathryn, Ive had CDs from eBay but havent tried amazon. I will, thanks.
  • Michael Doucet from Beausoleil is also in a fantastic group called Fiddlers 4 with Bruce Molsky, Darrol Anger and cellist Rushad Eggleston. If youre after something wild then their self-titled CD is certainly fit the bill, and if you fancy hearing them live theyre over in the UK on May 2nd at The Sage Gateshead for the Fiddles On Fire Festival (30 April - 2 May). Bruce, Darrol and Rushad will also be taking workshops over the weekend along with Jock Tyldesley, one of the most respected musicians on the UK Cajun scene.
  • Louise, appreciate this intelligence. I have had the pleasure of taking a workshop with Bruce Molsky. His style of fiddling, known at least in the U.S. as Old Time, really isnt for me; however, I got a great deal from the workshop and enjoyed it. I cant resist bragging that some of the pictures on his site were taken by me at that workshop!

    I am going to keep an eye out and about for Fiddlers 4. As individuals, theyre much admired, at least on the Left Coast of the U.S. Im sure concerts would be sold out immediately.

    Blessings, Cathryn

  • Ive heard that the button-box player Billy McGuire did a cajun version of John McMillan of Barra on an album called Crooked Jack and ?? some years ago. Id really love to hear it. Is it still on sale or has anyone got it handy? Thanks, Tom
  • The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band is about as good as it gets but these guys see themselves as acoustic and I doubt if they will provide the wilder, louder and less well-behaved fix that littlecelt was craving. I have recommended Steve Riley and The Mammou Playboys last CD, Don Reve to loads of people. Its an absolute belter. Dierdre - some of your suggestions are a bit wide of the mark! Kid Ory and his band play New Orleans trad jazz.
  • They werent my suggestions, mandobass, they were names I got from someone else...and I believe I stated I couldnt vouch for any of them. I dont listen to Cajun music except once a year at the annual Mardi Gras party or unless I have conference to attend in New Orleans and even then, I dont pay attention to the _who_, only the music.

    By the by, Simon, I know you dont like people pointing out spelling errors, but can we make an exception for my diphthong? Seeing it continually inverted is maddening.

  • Deirdre, I dont think you should be talking about your diphthong with so many young people about. Im afraid the Forum Admin will probably delete your post.
  • Ah, but Simons not that young, UJ...he has a two year old and if that doesnt age one prematurely, nothing will.
  • Deirdre - are you suggesting that Simons vowels are on the slide?

  • Far be it from me to question the state of a mans vowels, Robnite, I have my own to worry about. In todays world, exposing youth to diphthongs in the least of anyones problems...especially when its _my_ diphthong were talking about...they have to learn about them sooner or later.
  • Aye, the teaching of English, like nostalgia, is nae fit it used tae be. Mind you, far less diphthongs in your native Scotland, than the rest of the English speaking world.
  • Thanks to everyone (so far) for your guidance on Cajun music. I will now probably have to sell our car to fund the number of CDs Im planning to buy, but, hey, what the hell - you have to get your priorities right.
  • I thought you were a journalist, littlecelt...spin is everything. Repeat after me: Im not selling our car in order to have immediate musical gratification, Im doing it to protect the environment and forestall global warming and Im investing the funds in CDs in order to preserve a rich musical tradition.

    See? All better. Enjoy the music.

  • Deirdre, thank you. What is more, I pledge wholeheartedly not to compromise the ecological integrity of my environment by disposing irresponsibly of the CD packaging.

    Ill put the paper bag in the recycling bin.

  • **** Please stop being insulting ****
  • Simon - I think youre going to have to be a little bit more selective with the censors knife. I can see the point of cutting offensive posts, but totally chopping out parts of threads is a bit draconian.

    Im a fairly lazy individual, and not a very good typist. Im beginning to ask myself, whats the point of posting a comment when its going to be deleted ten minutes later.

  • Yep, Simon...whazzup? I was quite enjoying this topic as I enjoy the subject matter and, apart from some fairly wildly misleading information from ****, was finding it all very informative. I would have thought that Dierdres contribution, if any, should have deserved to be axed as it went so far off thread it came close to insulting littlecelt who started it off by asking for very specific information. Not only did she come back with a sweeping generalisation, none of what she suggested, as far as I can see, comes anywhere near to what littlecelt was looking for and that might have led him/her on a very wild, costly and ultimately disappointing goose chase.
  • Having just sat down at my computer to start work, I had a quick look at the forum and am now burning to know what Mandobass said that was so horrible Simon had to delete the post in its entirety.

    Without humour and music, my life would be f****d, Mando.

    Robnite, considering how many of Onnys posts that Simon allows, I can only assume Mando went way over the limit and that is why he was scrubbed.

    Anyway, in order to make sardonic observations a person has to be both intelligent and funny, and Onny is clearly both. Oh Onny, someone is being nice to you. Dont faint.

    By way of justifying this post, may I ask if anyone can put Cajun music in its historical context?

  • Good morning littlecelt. Just getting up and at em myself and was a little miffed, if not exactly surprised that I got the chop. It will be surprising if someone doesnt take similar exception to Queen Bees dig at Mother Hen. Tut, tut. Not nice. If you care to e-mail me, I will tell you why I think my post was erased and I will also be happy to pass on some of the info you required and even loan you a copy of Steve Rileys Bon Reve CD so that you can get a feel for it before buying yourself a copy. My e-mail address is mandobass@hotmail.com My name is Dougie
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