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  • Attended Eglinton Arms Folk Club in Irvine in Sixties. Vindscreen Vipers, Humblebums, Ian McIntosh, Danny Kyle, Aly Bain n Mike Whelans, Hamish Imlach et all. If not at Eglinton Arms then during Marymass Festival in July at The Folk Festival had all the names + floor singers.
    Around September 1969 the Ingledene Hotel in Ardrossan started the Dalriada Folk Club on a Sunday night with local and travelling players as above. The most amusing MC was Bill Nolan of Vindscreen Vipers fame. It was here in '69/70 that I caught Rab Noakes for first time. Just saw him recently at his 50/70 show for Celtic Connections, great crowd, great show. Rab in fine form...An early memory of Marymass was one night at the Eglinton Arms Mike Whelans was due to come on and Tich Frier, Viper, told us all not to applaud his arrival on stage or between songs. After the third or forth song of playing his heart out, to no response from the crowd, Tich came out explained situation. Was very funny to be there.
    Danny ....Milngavie Folk Club used to be in Black Bull Hotel, now it's in Fraser Centre opposite Costa.
  • I remember seeing Matt McGinn at the Ingledene Hotel Ardrossan's Dalriada Folk Club in 1971. He was doing a (RanCel )fundraising show for the Ibrox Disaster Fund. All went well to the last song when Matt sang The Sash to the tune of an Irish Rebel song. Some of the audience took exception to this and a bar room brawl broke out. Tables, chairs, drinking glasses and bodies all over the shop..! A couple of Black Marias appeared to help Matt escape...! over......!

  • <html><head><title>Trad Album of the Year Contest not accepting entries</title></head><body>
    Hi, I submitted my album Land and Sea for the Trad Album of the Year Contest nearly 2 weeks ago and, despite 2 further emails and friends also nominating it, there has been no response, and it still isn't on the list. I don't know if there's something wrong with the site's mailing system. Any way someone here can check?
    Bob Leslie
    <a href="http//"></a>

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