National Collective "Where's the art?"

Alex Massie asks in today's Scotsman

Even although I didn't support Independence, I used to find National Collective's output interesting and, at times, inspiring. However, it now seems to be a shadow of its former self. Also, although its founders went to great lengths to assert that the organisation wasn't aligned to any particular political party the links to The SNP now seem quite apparent.

I've also noticed that since the referendum, many of the posts and comments on their Facebook site etc have taken a more aggressive and bitter tone sometimes even verging on abusive towards supporters of The Union, No voters etc. There seems to be much less in the way of "artistic" input and ideas these days which I feel is a great shame.


  • I liked what they did during campaign however as for many orgs they are finding their post referendum role difficult to define.

    Re the guy working for SNP every artist needs to make money at some point! National Collective was open to all independence supporters no matter their political allegiances.
  • Here is Mairi McFadyen's blog post on the subject.

    There’s been a lot of speculation about the current and future status of National Collective over the past week. Many have also noted the lack of direct public responses from those of us who were organisers during the campaign. Amidst all this discussion, some of it productive, some of it simply vindictive, there has been an expectation that we would, as a group, offer clarity about our status. I hope there is is still space for a personal voice in this. So here’s mine. - See more at:
  • Here is the latest.

    National Collective no more....
  • I think it was of it's time and did a great job of bringing artists together. It's exciting to see what the next stage will be.
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