Blakeley & Son - The Long Way Home (2015)

Hi all,

I just finished producing and promoting an album by my dad and I called 'The Long Way Home'. Dad is a nationally accomplished fiddler playing in Feast of Fiddles with the likes of Peter Knight of Steeleye, Chris Leslie of Fairport, Brian McNeill et al.

It's an easy listening folk album at the core, with interesting contemporary arrangements and a couple of songs thrown in. Guest appearances include guitar extraordinaire Phil Hudson, adding another dimension to the sound, but the real delight is Dad's fiddle playing.

Many of the tunes are originals, written in Sussex, and themed around it's scenery and heritage. RX53 - the designation for the fishing boat at the centre of Hastings railway station - is a stellar air, and the following slow reel All Saints is both haunting and intriguing.

We hope you enjoy it.  :)
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