New categories in the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame

imageWe are very lucky in Scottish traditional music to have amazing musicians and brilliant organisations. However most of the musicians and organisations wouldn’t be able to learn or operate without the help of passionate teachers, volunteers and mentors within the community. These people’s work (although appreciated) often goes uncelebrated so Hands Up for Trad have decided to do something about this. We have created a new section in the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame called Services to Community. In 2015 we have inducted 5 people without whom traditional music would be a poorer place. They are:

Doris Rougvie
Frank McArdle
Jessie Newton
Kirsteen Graham
Sheila Sapkota

Read about them here

Also in 2015 we have started our first Services to Broadcasting section in the Hall of Fame. The 2015 recipient is Stewart Cruickshank, an award winning radio producer who has worked and interviewed folk stars to pop starts. Read about Stewart here .

Jim Gilchrist has written about each inductee and Louis DeCarlo has taken their photos. Click here to read all about them.

Simon Thoumire, creative director of Hands Up for Trad said
“What a privilidge to celebrate these inductees. Each one of them has given so much to so many and traditional music owes them a large debt of gratitude.”

The Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame was started in 2005 to celebrate musicians and industry people without whom traditional music can’t do without. Read about all our inductees at


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