Singing Belongs to Everyone

A new International Inspirational Guide has just been published, telling ‘How to get millions of children singing within the span of a generation’. Sounds a bold plan by Antwerp-based Koor & Stem, a very active Organisation for Vocal Music who have published the guide as part of a Europe wide project.

Scots singers and project organisers Christine Kydd and Ewan McVicar have learned at first the value and richness of Koor & Stem work through visits to Barcelona and Brussels as Scottish representatives. They shared knowledge and expertise with colleagues from 15 other countries, and contributed ideas and approach details on their Ceilidhmakers and Great Scots Treasure Hunt projects.

Koor & Stem say “If a child sings, it is because it has learned it somewhere: at home, at school, in a choir. Singing is a very natural step in children’s musical development. It is also often the first one. If we want to persuade more children to learn how to sing, choirs and singers must take the lead. This new brochure wants to inspire choirs and singers to guide more children towards singing. It describes small and large-scale initiatives from choirs, schools, municipalities and cultural organisations from all over Europe.”

The excellently structured and very accessible guide also looks at singing in the family circle, and why and how to progress in the different settings, with action tips and examples of approaches around Europe.

The brochure has been published in English, Dutch, French and German and can be downloaded freely on

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