Tinto Summer School Blog 1

It’s brilliant to be back at Wiston Lodge for our fifteenth year. It seems hard to believe that when Clare McLaughlin had the idea for Tinto Millennium Summer School (2000) we would still be going all this time later. Nowadays we have young people attending that weren’t even born when it started (including my own son) and ex pupils coming back to teach today’s pupils!

We all arrived yesterday to a packed dining room full of young people eating delicious lentil soup with homemade bread for dinner. We then headed straight into the classes of piano, fiddle, ensemble, whistle, song and clarsach. We also seem to have quite a few football fans this year and in the break was our first mass football match. We nearly lost the frisbee a couple of times and I think part of the game is getting back from the nearest tall tree.

After tea we had some name games and the tuck shop opened. It’s good know that Irn Bru continues to be the most popular Tinto drink! Everyone seemed to sleep well and got up for breakfast. Hopefully the weather will pick up and summer will commence today. Tonight is the rooms concert – an annual highlight for us all.

Speak to you tomorrow!
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