Piping Live - tune in on Celtic Music Radio 95FM

It’s Outside Broadcast time again at Celtic Music Radio.

Every night this week, from 10pm-1am, we’ll be “live” from the festival club at Piping Live.
Piping Live says "The Festival Club is the perfect way to continue the piping live party after the evening events are finished. With after hours performances by some of the top acts that are performing at otherr events and a special night taken over by the Lowland and Borders Piping Society, the festival club is not to be missed.”

Artists playing include:






It’d be great if you could tune in and join us. Or if you’re in the venue, say hello!

We’re also doing live broadcasts this weekend from the Fleadh in Sligo - but more on that later....

If you haven’t tuned in recently, why not give it a try. 95FM around Glasgow, just above Radio Scotland on the dial. Or via Radioplayer, or TuneIn, or via http://www.celticmusicradio.net . And coming very soon to DAB digital radio around Glasgow.
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