Celtic Connections 2016 premiere for Mairi Campbell’s show Pulse

The pioneering Scottish musician is to premiere her theatre show at Showcase Scotland 

Mairi Campbell is delighted to announce that she will premiere her theatre show Pulse at Celtic Connections 2016.

Mairi will perform her new one-woman show at the Tron Theatre on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th January during the prestigious Showcase event at Celtic Connections.

In Pulse, Mairi sings, acts, plays and dances the story of her musical homecoming and journey of the heart. Mairi weaves live viola, voice, animation, movement and storytelling with tracks from her latest groundbreaking album Pulse.

The show, which is directed by Kath Burlinson, begins with Mairi feeling creatively stultified by her classical training at the Guildhall School of Music in London.

She then travels to Mexico and Cape Breton before returning to Scotland to take up her bow in the traditional music scene.

In the background is her love story with her husband and musical collaborator Dave Francis, who teaches her to play her first tune by ear.

In 2012, Mairi was compelled to get into a studio and put down some improvisations. Pulse the album, a collaboration between Mairi and producer Dave Gray, emerged.

At the same time, Mairi was looking for ways to integrate story, song and movement, as a show, while working alongside director Kath Burlinson. The show Pulse was born.

“It's magic to get the chance to premiere Pulse at Celtic Connections,” said Mairi Campbell. “I’ve been on this journey with Pulse for many years and intensely since 2012. I’m really fascinated to see how the audience connects with the show. Long may our journeys seeking pulse continue.”

The show will be split into two sets, with Mairi performing Pulse in the first half. In the second half, she will deliver a special concert of soundings and improvisations, and invite the audience to participate, as a continuation of Pulse.

Mairi is no stranger to Celtic Connections. She has performed at the music festival since the early days, with Dave Francis as the Cast and as a session musician. However 2016 marks Mairi’s first solo show at the festival.



Editors’ notes

Mairi Campbell is available for interview or comment

Pulse showreel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhRddek0VyM

Website: www.mairicampbell.scot
Facebook: facebook.com/MairiCampbellOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/mairimusic
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/campbellgray
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