New course: HNC Qualification in piping.

What is an HNC?
An HNC or Higher National Certificiate is a nationally approved qualification validated by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. It is a qualification which is at Level 7 in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF 7). This framework links to other UK wide and International credit transfer frameworks. Some useful information can be found here.

HNC courses are designed to equip students with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in their chosen subject. They are vocationally focused and as such geared towards specific careers.

Successful completion of an HNC usually ensures access to year two of an HND programme or sometimes to a University Degree course.

Why study the HNC Music –Piping at The National Piping Centre?

Students on this course will study at The National Piping Centre which is considered to be the world’s centre of excellence for the Highland Bagpipe.

Drawing on the resources of the Centre’s renowned teaching staff, library, museum and performing space, students will have the opportunity to build a solid foundation for a career in the music industry and education as well as a base for further academic study.
This HNC is the only course which has a bespoke Music First Study Unit for performance on the Highland Bagpipe. In addition, the Music History Unit focuses exclusively on the repertoire, history and culture of the instrument.
The environment of The National Piping Centre provides students with an opportunity to meet with pipers and other traditional musicians from all over the world and to participate in vibrant festivals which occur throughout the year in the city including Piping Live!, The World Pipe Band Championships and Celtic Connections.

Based in Glasgow in west central Scotland, students will have ready access to many piping events throughout the year including, piping competitions, concerts and Highland Games. Students will also be in close proximity to many of the world’s leading pipe bands.
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