British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation biennial festival

The British Banjo Mandolin and Guitar Federation biennial festival is taking place in Glasgow on the weekend of 11th - 13th March 2016. The Festival offers an opportunitiy for amateur musicians to participate in workshops and contests. There is also a concert organised on the Friday evening and we have brought over a very interesting trio from Germany called Heavy Classic.

Workshops with availability are as follows:

Come & Try the Ukulele with Finlay Allison
How to accompany tunes on guitar in an interesting way with Adam Bulley
Samba Band with Brian Payne
The Music of Glasgow’s History with Nigel Gatherer
Come & Try the Clarsach with Heather Yule & the Carsick Society
Conducting ensembles with Chris Swaffer
Rhythms, Modes and Patterns in Celtic Music with John Cradden
Come & Try the Mandolin with Eddie Smith
Performing renaissance lute music from original source with Anna Langley
Ledt Hand Technique - Classical Guitar with Adele Neilson

All workshops take place on Saturday 12th March at Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow.

Full details of the workshops and further details on the Festival including the Sunday Contests can be found on the festival website -

We also have a Facebook page -
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