Hanson & Fraser - Fiddle & Cello From Scotland & Canada

"Forget the image of drawing room fiddle and Cello politesse; this is a duo that takes the old tunes from the Highlands, the Lowlands, the Prairies and the Maritimes but with the shoes kicked off and the emotions running high as the fiddle and Cello take the road less travelled by".

It’s fifteen years since Canadian Cello player Christine Hanson and Scottish fiddler Iain Fraser first met up to play through some of the older Scottish Fiddle tunes, a session that resulted in the release of the album “Touchwood” two years later, one of the first modern albums to re-establish the old dance band pairing of fiddle and cello. In the intervening period they have both carved out busy musical careers in which their paths have occasionally crossed either in Scotland or in Canada. Sometimes though musical chemistry has to lie dormant waiting for the right time to properly get going and this year Christine and Iain found time to explore not only the old Scottish tunes but also some of the old Canadian tunes too. New arrangements aim to nurture the tunes, sometimes recreating the rhythmic dance nuances and sometimes giving space around the notes but always treating the music with respect.
Their first performance for 2016 was at Celtic Connections in January. The show was a sell out and led to them receiving a five star review in The Scotsman. This was the first chance for many to hear the new material developed. Further concerts are now booked for Dundee, Frigate Unicorn Wednesday 27th April, Peebles, Eastgate Theatre Thursday 28th April, Ullapool, An Talla Solais Saturday 30th April, Skye, Aros Centre Portree Tuesday 3rd May.

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