lyrics for Eleanor Plunkett

Would anyone have the lyrics for the song Eleanor Plunkett?

This was played by John McSherry on uilleann pipes at my granda's funeral, as my brother and I carried the coffin out of the church, and so I'm desperately keen to learn it, having only just found this out (we were both very young at the time).

I'm not a Gaelic speaker but I would very much like to learn this in Gaelic.  This is the version I've been listening to on YouTube:

...but I've only managed to find the following lyrics online:

'Neilí an chúil chraobhaigh,
 a bhfuil do dhá shiúil ar dhath an fhéir ghlais
 Ag éirghe dhon lá,
 Ó! nach bréagh dham seo a rádh,
'S gur tú do shliocht na bhfear éifeacht
 Ó Árdmacha bréige,
 Fuair sár-chlú ó Ghaodhalaibh
 Le tréan-neart a lámh.

This only appears to be the first verse though.
I would be very grateful for any help anyone could offer tracking this down as it means an awful lot to our family.
Thank you.


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