Our Northern Arc sessions bring together genre-defining, ground-breaking artists from Scotland collaborate with the finest roots talent from across the Northern hemisphere in these unique, exclusive Music Hall sessions. Explore the contemporary folk music of Scotland, Canada, Scandinavia, the Baltic region and more with the very best musicians from these regions.

Well known for her accordion work, innovative vocal harmonies and rich instrumental textures with award winning songwriter Karine Polwart and the ‘other-worldly’ glitch-folk of her solo campaign, Inge Thomson’s latest project “Da Fishing Hands” is a collection of songs inspired by Fair Isle’s intimate and essential relationship with the sea.

Kardemimmit are a Finnish folk music group and players of the kantele, the national instrument of Finland, in its 15 and 38 stringed forms. Their vocal harmonies are tight and fit so well together they could be sisters.

Buy all three Northern Arc sessions for £39.60 inc. bf
Already booked for Duncan Chisholm? Book for the other two concerts for £29.70 inc. bf

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