Merlin Academy Traditional Summer School 9-12 August 2016

This annual event, now in it’s 5th year runs from Tuesday 9th August to Friday 12th August 2016 inclusive and takes part in the beautiful borders town of Melrose, which is now easily accessible by rail to nearby Tweedbank Station. There is a great variety of accommodation available in the area to stay in and we have provided a list of places at the bottom of this page for your information.

IMG_20150814_164125All instruments and ages are welcome including Fiddle, Voice, Guitars, Piano, Accordion, Drums/percussion (give us a call if you are not sure). for 4 days of great music, sessions, food and the opportunity to learn from some of Scotland’s finest musicians. You will be learning and playing tunes, improving your technique and invited to come up with arrangement ideas. Teaching will be mainly in mixed instrument classes but with regular break out sessions for back line, melody players and voices.


As a general guide to levels, you will probably get more out of the experience if you are not a complete beginner. In the registration form we have three levels for you to choose from;

Improving Beginner: You’ve been playing for a short time but can feel your way around the instrument and can play a few tunes or chords.

Intermediate: You’ve been playing for a couple of years and know a dozen or so tunes or can play a few by ear although not necessarily up to speed. Or you can accompany songs or tunes from chord charts given to you.

Intermediate/Advanced: You’ve been playing for longer, can play tunes more or less up to speed or accompany songs and tunes by ear. Can sight read tab or notation quite well.
It would help us plan classes if you can choose what you think is the closest match to your current level.

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