Billy Morrison RIP

From Bruce MacGregor

Really sad news this morning to hear of the passing of Billy Morrison. A superb musician who genuinely cared for people and shared his love of music with everyone. He was always so encouraging to young musicians Thanks Marc Clement for this video. Coming on the back of the news that pianist, Geordie Riddell passed away last week, its definitely time to reflect on the fragile nature of our lives. Geordie was the son of Donald Riddell and was a quite outstanding musician. He played with the Highland Strathspey and reel society but kept his talent for writing classical music hidden to most of us. That was until he won a BBC3 new music composition competition - one if the worlds leading conductors saying the piece was outstanding and one of the most technically difficult pieces he'd ever worked on. To us Geordie was just the guy up on the croft who loved old tractors and backed us kids on the piano. A sad week altogether.
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