Peter Worling RIP

Sad news on Facebook
We're very sad to hear that Peter Worling, SMG student for many years, passed away on Tuesday. Peter made many friends here at SMG, especially in the Tuesday morning mixed instrument class and Ceilidh Caleerie, and our thoughts are with them, and with Iris and his family.

Sarah Northcott was Peter's tutor for many years, and she writes:

Peter has been in my classes for almost as long as I can remember and I will miss him. He was a such courteous and kind man who was always keen to help with any extra class activities. He loved the music, and while SMG gave him the opportunity to take part, he gave us so much in return.

Years ago I was involved in setting up SMG's Big Seat By The Fire, an informal performance night for SMG students. Each night a Big Seat would be awarded, not to the most technically brilliant performance, but to the person who showed the most courage, determination, commitment and heart in what they played. If there was a lifetime achievement award, it would belong to you, Peter, and there's a big seat by the fire with your name on it - though no doubt you will have already offered it to someone else!
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