John Munro RIP

From Ian Green on Facebook. Our thoughts are with John’s family and friends.

It was with deep sadness and tears that I learned of the death of John Munro last week. John was of course Eric Bogle's touring partner for many, many years'. Their tours of the UK and Europe were always exciting times and always ended with a farewell curry in Edinburgh. Happy times indeed. It was a great honour for me to release Eric's albums, in which John was always an integral part, from 1989 to the present but in 1996 I managed to convince Eric and John to record their album 'The Emigrant and The Exile' specially for Greentrax and followed that up with John's solo album 'Plying My trade' in 2007. I was so proud and so was John. John was a lovely man and a very talented musician and it was wonderful to experience the friendship that existed between John and Eric. John sent me several very comforting messages when my wife June died and said he so wished to be at the funeral. I told him he would be there because June had asked for Eric and John's recording of 'If Wishes Were Fishes' to be played at her funeral. He was fair chuffed about that. It was a privilege to have known you John and I will seriously miss your visits to Scotland. Rest in peace buddy.

I have pasted below a copy of a piece written by Eric on John. I hope you don't mind Eric but your words should be seen by as many people as possible:

Eric Bogle:
John Campbell Munro, my best mate, my soul brother, and my my musical partner in crime for nearly 40 years, died at his home in Brisbane, Queensland on Thursday 10th May at around 5am, just as the kookaburras outside raucously joined in the avian dawn chorus welcoming the new day. In his final hours on planet Earth he was surrounded by family and friends who filled the room where he lay with much pride, love, and heartbreak in equal measure....I'll add more about my dear friend in days to come, and post some of his music for you to share, but just at this moment I feel too tired to continue, I am still in shock I think, I feel numb and have not yet fully emotionally admitted to the devastating loss of an exceptional man who became one of the strongest and most enduring pillars that has unfailingly and selflessly propped up both my personal and musical life for the past 40 years, ......
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