House Concerts - Musicians and Music Lovers....

.....Sorry for posting this twice, I wasn’t sure which category this was best suited for...

Hello, I’m new to this site and I joined because I’m looking for musicians who would be interested in doing a house concert.
We live in Letham, Angus and I would like to host some house concerts to expose people and families with young children to live music and to hopefully help raise funds for the Angus bands and orchestras in the process. We have a large space to hold an intimate concert and could fit in 30 + people easily.
My focus would be on it being child friendly but the audience would be varied so it’s not specifically aimed at children, I would just like it to be accessible for families so I’m thinking of hosting during the afternoon say for example Saturday or Sunday afternoon 3.30 - 5.00.

If all goes well then I would be looking to host a concert on a regular basis, say once a month depending on how much interest is received.

If anyone is interested in either coming along and performing or coming along to attend please feel free to get in touch, ask questions etc.

Warmest wishes

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