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  • Nigelgatherer weve got the album! Ive also got a copy of the cassette/album Company Policy recorded. Theres another discussion that wis goin on couple years ago on here about the Ayrshire Folk album and another local band that were on it Tannazinine think they were called. Always remember ma dad bein booked to play awe ower west scotland, Ardentinny, Caledonian Hotel Ayr, Cross Keys Irvine and many of the folk club nights etc etc. Were you around the folk scene then?
  • Speedys Lassie, dont let the comments by Onny, the erstwhile contributor to this forum, get under your skin. I was a friend of Speedy and Ian and I know Speedy was more talented than a lot of people knew. He wouldnt have seen a nonentity like Onny in his road, but I knew him as a cheery guy, very easy to get on with. In the 70s I ran a pub in Killie, and tried to have a folk night , any time Company Policy were on the pub was busy, but when they werent the pub was deid! I still see his brother John now and again, and we often have a chat about C.P.
  • My flippin sister and brother in law live in Galston!!!! Haha! Didnt think anyone knew where it was!
  • Nic a phlutes-ma gran wis fi Gawstin and only recently died at the ripe old age of 96! Her brother wis Andra Lundie and he wis the provost in Gawstin at one point and his claim to fame wis they named a street after him lol Andrew Lundie Crescent : ) Ma gran married Andrew Simpson fi Hurlford (ma grampa-Speedys dad) and she moved ti Hurlford. Ma grampa and his 3 brithers owned the Vulcan Foundry in Hford and they made the drain covers that you see on awe the drains on the pavement/road and it ses R.Simpson on them awe an he wis the eldest brother but sadly the foundry no longer exists like many of the great industries that have disappeared over the years...


  • Old pop-gid tae hear fi you! Yeh they were very popular in Ayrshire in their day : ) Whit pub in killie did yi run? Ma Uncle Johns gid company ano btw, great sense of humour...


  • Used to see the boys regularly on the Ayrshire circuit .They shared the floorspots at Ayr Folk Club in the Station Hotel,with other Ayrshire performers like Dougie Bell and Barry Mcguire, Raymond Turley,Ian Melrose, Stephen Quigg ,Dave Strathie,Tanninzie and many others.The guys were booked on merit and popular demand for gigs at the club on occasion.Their humour and enthusiasm was infectious and you just couldnt help joining in.Incidentally the club was run a bit like a business by entrepreneur John Clegg ,and the floorsingers like myself were regularly slipped a small renumeration.It is hard to take the merciless and unwarranted assassinations that were doled out in the past by the one called Onny,against people you regarded as friends.Self appointed critics should not be abusive,and abuse should not be tolerated at any level,as many have already said Good Riddance.
  • Speedys Lassie, the pub was called The Auld Killie in Grange Street. I was there from the opening, and I remember complaining about Bay City Rollers records going into the Jukebox. The answer I got was Leave them in and bar anyone who plays them, theyre either under-age or stupid!
  • Old Pop-a knew The Auld Killie well maself early 80s and into the 90s when I think it had changed hands and names but for the life of me I cannny remember whit it wis called! Used to go there every weekend and ma brothers also drank in there wi awe their mates ano. We were awe into the live band scene ano (obv cos of ma dad)an used to go to the Sandrianne on thurs nites upstairs to see awe the bands, had some absolutely brill nites in the pubs in Killie back then... We awe drank up in the Kadikoi then too and Fannys (where ma nephews and nieces awe drink in now) lol Still pop into Fannys noo an again maself and meet folk that also drank in there 25 yr ago : ) and still sticking to the carpets lol but a hear Laurie is aboot ti have the place awe refurbished and new carpet. Wudny fancy bein the workman that has ti lift the carpet haha : )


  • Thats yer boay- thanks for that and I totally agree aboot Onny! Everybody enjoys a gid discussion/argument but wen it cums to slaggin off people and jist bein plain nasty, thats a different game awe the gither and jist shudny be tolerated on any forum cos it disny show any respect ti the ither posters or moderators... Aye everybodies got an opinion and entitled to it but if its only ti be derogatory aboot people, then it should be left unsaid! Personal attacks should not be tolerated and waste the likes of these platforms for everybody else because we dont awe want to end up havin a slaggin match wi folk we dont even ken. If sumdy slags u or your friends/family off, then the 1st thing anybody wants to do is hit back but thats jist a negative reaction and disny help so al be the bigger person here and thank Onny for his criticism of ma dad and Company policy in the nature a hope it wis intended and well say nae mare : ) Hope av no went on too much here an bored anybody to distraction and jist ti say ah look forward ti sum interseting and argumentative discussions on here!

    Helen ;D

  • Speedys Lassie,You may be interested to know whilst browsing some vynil in a shop in Partick I found a copy of the album This Is Company PolicyIt has been signed by them all and also by none other than Steak and Kidney Devine.I would be happy to let you have it if you are interested.Interesting that this thread shows up the worst of the obnoxious Onny.
  • Onny did apologise at the time when Helen appeared. He was not to know that Speedy had passed on.

    Thats yer boay.....its easy to diss someone when theyre not here to put their mitts up. I remember Onny givin most of his detractors here short shrift...nobody could equal him for wit and musical knowledge.

    At least he was capable of spotting most of the phonies who inhabit the folk scene these days.

  •  I am in agreement with Speedyslassie here the comments above are disgusting to say the least and no way represent how well this band done .Their shows sold out all over the place ,they also done panto with jack milroy and Ricki Fulton and always got called back for encore after encore .They had 4 albums made and had their own show on stv called Spot light on Company Policy none of this would have been possible if they were as bad as the comments above maybe a bit sour grapes i think !!!
    I was at quite a lot of their shows as it was my cousin that played the violin he was called Maurice (Mcfiddler Drummond ) he left the band in the 80's and moved to Canada but Dominic ,Speedy and Ian who all harmonised really well continued with another fiddler .
    The other thing was my cousin was approached on numerous occasions to go solo or join other groups ,i also believe that happened to Speedy as well not bad when you see the crap that was written above .
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