Starkey says were feeble

Arrrrgghhhh!!!! Triple post!!!

Mind you, its a scandal... so triple postings not out of order...



    Arrrrgghhhh!!!! Triple post!!!

    Mind you, its a scandal... so triple postings not out of order...

  • If there wasnt any bagpipes, hed find something else to criticise. If there wasnt any Burns, hed find something else to criticise. If there wasnt any St Andrews Day, hed find something else to criticise.

    As long as we dont speak in a plummy accent, wear jackets and hate the French, he will continue to see us as inferior.

  • At least he knew Burns name - how many people will know HIS name in 200 years time?

    We shouldnt let these publicity seeking twats get us all het up - ignoring them is the best policy.

  • Shocking performance last night from an addicted publicity seeker -quite pathological: Dimbleby had to tell him to shut up Histrionic petulant attention seeker !! He is also a very poor historian give his very subjective,biased and skewed perception of the current state of the country and the various influences which shaped it .
  • David Starkey has been here before but what he is saying this time is that England is not as nationalistic as the rest of the UK and if you read between the lines thats what he meant. I suppose he was just giving examples of nationalism, with his remarks.

  • I didnt even know his name before now - I guess he is not that important a historian.

    I missed this but I think I shall be watching it tonight - I must like getting angry!

  • Love your logic there, Alistair C. I havent heard of him, therefore he cant be important.
  • St George Starkey should not need an interpreter to explain what he was trying to say -as a professional historian his contribution to the panel should be explicit and delivered with pellucid clarity.He was clear -he is pompous,and depending on how racist comments are defined,probably on the margins of being branded racist Anyway,the sale of Y fronts per capita is far higher in England than in Scotland thus proving that people from that country need the added security they offer whereas thenon feeble Scots breeze aboot with their boxers or ,indeed, nothing at all (Unfortunately,Aberdeen let us down)

    Debenhams figures reveal that the top ten towns where demand for Y-fronts is highest are: 1) Liverpool 2) Cardiff 3) London 4) Milton Keynes 5) Manchester 6) Cambridge 7) Aberdeen 8) Leeds 9) Brighton 10) Birmingham

  • Heres his Desert Island Discs

    and theres not a Scottish tune amongst them. ;-)

    Mind you, you might be able to argue that there is an Italian folk song in the list.

  • David Starkey is a self-publicist who delights in being called The rudest man in Britain but he would sweep up The Mall with his tongue if he thought it would get him a knighthood or, beterr yet, a seat in the House of Lords.
  • Ok seen it now and to be honest I am not angry in the slightest.

    He was such a buffoon and a characature that I couldnt do anything except laugh. He was going for the controversial statement as a way to draw attention and to play on yah boo Nationalism - it is no different than typical football match style banter.

    If he had appeared the impartial and learned academic that he is meant to be then I might have got riled but he wasnt. He couldnt be taken seriously and therefore I dont take any serious offence.

    Much better to smile about it anyway.

  • Somebody whose specialty is the wives of Henry VIII belongs on a quiz show rather than an academic post.
  • RE: Y-fronts. In our defence I can only offer the explanation that there is a large English population here due to the oil industry.
  • So you dont buy them yourself then Rob? :-)
  • Good one, Robnite

    However, the idea of underwear is to prevent ones outer clothing from becoming soiled.

    Therefore, I can only imagine that those Scots who dont wear underwear must smell a bit because they wont be washing their kilt every day. It isnt something to be proud of. They should be ashamed for smelling so badly.

  • That Starkey pipes the old imperialist historical air which seeks to distance those south of the border from the rest of the nations in this union shouldnt surprise anybody. Anthony Prior, (prof I think) debunked the great Saxon invasion myth in his TV prog, Britain AD, for what it was, a myth. Among historical academics this situation has been clear for the last 100 years or so but certain elements of society just dont like the idea that were all related, Starkey being one.

    I bet his Ys are the baggy C&A grandpa type of 60s vintage.

  • I note one prominent firm of kiltsellers/ hirers is tactfully suggestion that anyone hiring a kilt ought to resist the urge to go commando - a look popular with at least one Foot Stomper - on grounds of hygiene. I seem to recall suggesting much the same here several years ago.

    In order to make things easier for customers the firm has introduced a range of underpants known as Baw Bags>

  • AlistairC - Ive never worn Y-fronts in my life, Im proud to say. :)

    St George - I think youve misunderstood - It wasnt a survey with the choice of Y-fronts or nothing - it was Y-fronts in comparison to other types of underpants.

  • I was reminded last night that the people who make Magnificent Mouchoirs, the printed handkerchiefs, originally wanted to call them Blow Jobs :-)
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