Calums Commando Course

Does anyone remember seeing this on telly? Just watched a video of it and remembered that it out-spined Spinal Tap, way before the film was ever thought of!


  • Does anyone remember seeing this on telly? Just watched a video of it and remembered that it out-spined Spinal Tap, way before the film was ever thought of!
  • Ive also got this on video, Oilrig - a pretty ancient copy, but still watchable and hilarious. High points for me are the drummers heart attack - pair wee sowel ! - and his insistence that the show must go on, the disappearing dancers, and Calums high note on Dark Lochnagar... classic stuff ! :)
  • Funny we were just talking about this a few days ago! He used to tour the West Coast with a legion of hypnotists, stong men.... who would bend steel bars and stick six inch nails up their noses, I was agog as a young blade sitting down the front of the hall with my wee cache of Callard and Bowser butterscotch chews........Aye yer right Spike the high note in Dark Lochnagar was a gem.........It brought an old shuttlecock down that had been stuck in the rafters for years, great stuff. It was as as close to a live Good Old Days as we were going to get !!
  • Norman Maclean In Concert ( a few weeks after the prog.)

    I have taken recently to watching Horror Movies, The Excorcist, Claws Of Satan, The Curse Of Draculas Blood and .........Calum Kennedys Commando Course

    Another crack was that during this tour you may remember the tour bus ( a near write off ) finally gave up the ghost in a ditch near John o Groats. Scene 2 ........ November of that year, Children In Need live on telly, Wogan chirps up we have a scots entertainer on the phone pledging a Bus

    This prog. was in the beginning a genuine documentary of the Tour however a few days into the tour the TV crew realised that Fawlty Towers was so last decade.

  • Norman was a genius.
  • Three best Scottish comedians=Norman Mclean, Chic Murray,Billy Connolly.
  • Norman MacLean: great singer, great musician, great wit - whole package. I particularly like his take on the Lewis woman :)

    Off on my holidays now before I get clobbered by any... (of my own kind!)

  • I have been tryinbg to get hold of a copy of this for years, anyone know haow I could get my hands on one. So many good memories. This was the first ever reality tv programme.
  • If videos are available, PLEASE pass on details of where and how to get one. This was the most entertaining show I ever saw in my entire life. I seem to remember something fairly appalling happening in Bettyhill - was it a mutiny or something?

    No doubt there will be tribute shows in honour of Calum Kennedy over the next wee whilie - heres hoping that someone broadcasts this again, in fond recollection of the man.

  • Very much doubt if this will be the tribute shown, toots !!:) I have a copy which isnt of the best quality, but if youve a means of copying it, you could have a wee loan of it !I m quite happy for Elizabeth to give you my contact details . :)
  • Desperately trying to get a copy of calums commando course as i taped over a friends copy. Please help, Ill pay handsomely!!



  • Have just tried BBC for info on possible video/DVD of Calums Commando Course. They tell me they cannot locate the programme because I cannot give the exact date of broadcast. I believe it was May/June 1985 on BBC2 around 8 or 8.30 pm. Any info would be appreciated and perhaps we can get the BBC to release a fans edition DVD. Smashing that so many others remember CCC with such affection.
  • As far as i can gather the programme went out on the 26th June 1985 and is about an hour long. Hope that helps.
  • Many thanks, Spike. I do have access to equipment, so would greatly appreciate your offer. Details available from Elizabeth.
  • Hi, Elizabeth - could you email toots details to me when you get a chance, please ? Ta V. much ! :)
  • consider it done..
  • Toots, apologies for being so forward and i realise you may get swamped with requests, but if you could make an additional copy, i would forward on any costs e.g. tape, postage etc to yourself beforehand. Again, no hassles if its too much trouble. Heard all about it, seen none of it!
  • Ok, DW - check with Elizabeth for details. Maybe we should all synchronise viewing and drink a wee toast to the man.
  • Hi Toots,

    Could I add myself to the list re Calums Commando Course? Sooorrrryy! Ill forward whatever payment needed. Thanks a lot,


  • toots, weve created a monster..... :)
  • you should take a stall at the Barras market!!! Youd make a fortune!
  • I remember seeing this when it went out and would love to see it again. Can anyone help me out with a copy on DVD or VHS?
  • Add me to the list.Ive been trying for years:even the Sunday Post couldnt help!
  • Dear Spike, Oilrig and anyone else who might be looking in....

    Forgive me for resurrecting this post from the dim and distant past! Do any of you by any chance still have a copy of the TV programme Calum Kennedys Commando Course, whether it be on tape or DVD? Id dearly love to get hold of a copy.

    Im more than happy to pay costs and compensation for time taken to dig it out etc etc. If anyones willing to lend me their tape for a day or so I can run you off a spare copy on disc if you like.

    I really hope someone can help.

    Best wishes to you all from the Isle of Harris

  • Has anyone yet found a copy of this film? I would dearly like a copy. Any ideas? Thanks
  • Resurrecting a very old thread as I have just viewed two parts of this documentary on line for the first time ever. Am told all the best stuff is on the third part so any chance that someone can get the rest up there for the troops? Classic material from what I have seen so far....
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