Welcome (back) to the Foot Stompin' forum. As usual no spamming, no profanity and just good discussion please :)>- Any questions, suggestions please message me.

If you are a returning user click on sign in and click 'forgot' link. You will have to reset your password for this new site. Enter your username or email address and click submit. If you are having any problems message me.

If you've come from Foot Stompin' you will notice a few differences. The forum is now mobile aware so works well on tablets and phones as well as PCs. You can now easily add smileys and do basic rich text editing including adding images (by url). You can also set up notifications via emails and pop ups.


  • Hi Simon,

    Thanks for all your efforts.

    It looks very different and I'm sure how easy it will be to navigate.. the old forum worked on my mobile and tablet too.

    The text doesn't seem to stand out as much either. Perhaps some consideration could be made to making this more prominent or changing the background colour? Of course, I appreciate the opportunity to do more myself. By the way, the spell checker doesn't seem to appreciate UK English and wants be to write "color". :-(

    I'm pleased that there are now separate categories for certain aspects of the music etc. I hope the forum will be a success and I'll look forward to contributing although I'll probably not be quite as active as before and I promise to focus more on the musical side of things unlike previously. :-)

  • Cool :-)
  • Looking good Simon (The Forum not you hahaha !!!!!) Well done !
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