Flora MacNeil MBE RIP

Sad news that Flora passed away peacefully last night. What a legacy.



  • From Anne Neilson

    So sad to read the news on FB that Flora passed away last night -- she was an inspirational traditional Gaelic singer from Barra who, as many before and after, had to leave the island to find employment. 

    Very early on (early 1950s?) she came to the attention of the School of Scottish Studies and Hamish Henderson and there are many wonderful recordings of her on the Kist o Riches site.
    I first became aware of her when my then teacher, the late Norman Buchan, directed us to her singing (and a particular favourite of his was the song known in English as 'The Silver Whistle').

    Her daughter, Maggie McInnes, carries on her song heritage and is the absolute proof of oral tradition.
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