Roddy Cannon RIP

From Bob Dunsire forum.

I've just received the distressing news that Roddy Cannon died suddenly last night. He was a major figure in the world of piping scholarship, an enthusiast for piping of all forms, and a great friend. To say he will be sadly missed does not come anywhere close to describing the hole this news leaves.


  • Professor Cannon was born in England but had a strong Scottish background on his father’s side of the family. He was brought up in Eccles in Lancashire where his grandfather had convinced the local Boys Brigade company to adopt the pipes for their band instead of bugles. Roderick learned pipes from his father using music manuscripts written out by his uncle Angus, a WW1 veteran whose Henderson pipes were later bequeathed to Roderick.

    This association with manuscripts came to fascinate the young Roddy – a fascination from which piping has received untold benefit. After a grammar school education Roderick won a place at Oxford, unusual for a northern lad from a family of few academics.

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