Roger Sherlock RIP

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Sad news about influential Irish flautist Roger Sherlock who passed away.


  • From flautist Kevin Crawford of Lunasa.

    So sorry to hear that Roger Sherlock has passed away. An inspiration to so many flute players but especially those of us who were involved in the Irish music scene in England. I got to meet and play with him in London in the 80's when he was a member of the great Thatch Ceili Band but it was his solo and duet recordings with Sean Maguire that I grew up listening to. Rest in peace Roger, one of the true gentleman of Irish Music.
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    I posted this on "" yesterday :

    I’m very sad to hear this news. Roger was a great flute player, and a real gentleman. My very first flute class at the Willie Clancy week in 1980 was with him and P.J.Crotty [RIP]. I learned so much in that week from both of them, not just the tunes, and the playing of them, but about the music itself, and the people who play them. The whole week was great fun, from start to end. I’m very indebted and grateful to Roger for sharing his music with us over that week and would like to offer my condolences to his family and friends.
    Here’s a short clip of him in a session which was from a 1980s TV programme about the Irish in London :

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