New book published on Scottish Traditional Music

HI all,

Just wanted to let anyone who's interested know that I've published a book on Scottish Traditional Music, aimed at a wide audience. Here's a link to the book on the publisher's site:

Also I've put up some curated listening for the book and interviews here:

all the best,

Simon (McKerrell).


  • Hi Simon,

    I'm very interested in your book, but at $54 for the paperback (and Kindle!) and $140 for the hardback, it's a little difficult to justify the expense. I see that all of the Focus on World Music books are priced like this. I guess your publisher is content with just selling to academic libraries?

    I'm not being snide, I'm genuinely disappointed as I'd love to read it.

  • It does seem expensive for 174 pages although I notice there are some cheaper options "elsewhere".

    I may well buy it myself but I'm not sure if the "wide audience" will at that price.
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