Lost Album - John Wright

Hi all

So my Mother recently moved house, and during the moving process discovered that our copy of John Wright's 'Ride the Rolling Sky' has vanished.

We've now unpacked all the boxes and I have returned to Preston to continue my riveting existence as a Recruitment Consultant.

Being the conscientious sort of son, I was planning to buy a replacement copy of the album in time for Christmas as a present (what do you get someone who has everything? Replacements...). However, it is absolutely impossible to source online.

Not on Amazon, nor Ebay, nor any of the slightly less reputable sites I'm familiar with.

I'm posting on here in the hope that someone has a copy of the album that they would be willing to either part with, or allow me to copy :) 

Many thanks in advance



  • I've shared it on our social media!
  • Thanks Simon :) 
  • Only just checked into the forum again after a long absence! I do have said album, but on tape cassette from1993: Fellside recordings FE097 C. Also on tape I have his album "The things we've handed down" 1996: FE106/c. If you can't get the album from Fellside recordings, could see what's possible re Tape>CD transfer (if allowed!)
    Incidentally, while looking for this, I found my (again) tape of Shooglenifty's "Venus In Tweeds" - RIP both Angus and John.

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